I have now setup FlipBoard to become my primary app for reading all news and updates coming from …

I have now setup FlipBoard to become my primary app for reading all news and updates coming from social networks, news websites and private blogs. My previous approach of subscribing to a lot of things with Google Reader and reading remaining stuff on the web wasn't making me happy at all. First of all Reader tells you how many articles you haven't read, so eventually it becomes a race of getting counter to zero.. now think about 1 week offline. Thats right, it made me feel uncomfortable too and with Flipboard its no longer about reading it all for me, but having fun reading what you got to. Of course there is Read Later support as well for longer articles. Second is that it covers more ground, since I usually don't have time to check news from lets say Facebook or LinkedIn. And the last major point for me is that I finally don't have to get distracted by going between websites and apps to stay up to date!

Here is how I have it organized:
1. Removed all sources FlipBoard suggested except "Cover stories"
2. Added main news sources with frequent updates directly to FlipBoard and removed them from subscriptions lists in G+ and Reader.
3. Kept subscriptions to private blogs in Google Reader and added it as a source to FlipBoard as well.
4. Added social sources.

Hint: if you can't find the source you want to add to FlipBoard via its search gadget -> go add it to Google Reader and then inside FlipBoard app through connected Reader account you can pick it and subscribe directly.

P.S. iPad gives best experience, but its usable as well from iPhone while you are on the go.

Flipboard — Your Social Magazine
Your Social Magazine. Available for iPad, iPhone & Android.

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