Getting with iTunes Match Just moved my music collection to the cloud with Apple’s iTunes Match. …

Getting with iTunes Match

Just moved my music collection to the cloud with Apple’s iTunes Match. Probably if I didn’t like iTunes or never used it before or didn’t have Apple devices :), most likely I would have ended up getting with just Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Cloud player – gives you streaming and predictable behavior on what to cache. Also its iOS app is pretty decent and suitable. I don’t know Android world, but seems like Google Play works there too. But iTunes Match is integrated with the platform, so I gave it a shot and didn’t miss (for my needs of course).

So here are good things I found with iTunes Match once moved to it:
1. It didn’t break my iTunes library. What a relief, since I did plenty of backups and was prepared for longer fight…
2(!). I could add multiple computers to iTunes Match. First time in my experience with iOS I could add new music to my collection from work laptop and listen to it on my iPhone without paying a visit to my home’s one and syncing it.
3. It matched more then a half of my music library (50% match achievement unlocked) and the rest uploaded pretty fast (like 1 hour).
4. I can edit playlists from any device and changes are applied everywhere. I can add music to a playlist which is not yet on the device.
5. It removed all cached music on my iPhones and iPad. Some people say its not removed under conditions no one knows about.
6. I can’t see certain artwork and lyrics from iPhone though its there when I check from multiple iTunes (which means its synced to the cloud). Its something to figure out.
7. Music videos which were not purchased from iTunes are not eligible to get into the Cloud, since iTunes Match is only for music. I changed their type to TV Show and named the show “Music videos”.
8. You can delete music from iTunes without issues -> there is a separate check box asking if you want to remove it from Cloud as well. If you want to play it afterwords -> it will download back from Cloud (if was matched -> you get iTunes version with 256kpbs bitrate).
9. You can remove cached locally songs, artists and whole albums on iOS device with a swipe gesture, but not a selected playlist. Also you can stop current downloads. You can’t delete individual cached songs from iOS device or uncache whole playlists. It will remove least used songs automatically when running out of memory. Alternatively you can wipe all cached Music by going to Settings -> General -> Usage. Then slowly start building new cache.
10. If you are adding multiple computers make sure to remove playlists you don’t need. I just had default playlists in English and Ukrainian all merged together.
11. With iTunes Match my wife can now build her own playlists with music coming from both of our machines. It something she wanted for sometime, but I didn’t want to have copies of music and so on.
12. I can add more music now and care less about total size of the library.

So let’s sum it up. With contacts, calendar and mail being in the cloud, Photostream sharing pictures you take in the cloud (if you use same account for it), Picasa Web Albums storing your photo library in the cloud, apps installed from the cloud, iTunes Match bringing your music to the cloud as well, iOS updates coming wireless… I finally (!) don’t need to sync my devices with computer anymore.

Apple – iTunes – Match
iTunes is now music, movies, TV, shows, iTunes in the Cloud, and iTunes Match.

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